Are new beginnings valid if they’re not really the beginning, and they’re not that new?

*large, comforting sigh*


(addressing the blogsphere–) Did I miss anything while I was away?

The world keeps turning without me in the palpable world; People die, famines ravage, joys eclipse sorrow, families are built and torn apart, hope is born, chances are taken or lost, hatred festers, love sooths, and the world turns.

Yet, curiously enough, my blogs stay the same. Two years later I come back to find everything as I left it, a veritable portal to my younger self.

It’s weird. Some of the things I wrote of two years ago seem so distant, my worries of that day were trying and real, but they passed. sometimes it displays immaturity and a nativity that betrays my limited experience, yet at other times I’m surprised by the understanding and the passion for truth that I had. I had an energy and a focus that I’ve forgotten and lost sight of. Everything was so fresh back then…

I’ve given it such a long break that my fingers are starting to itch for the pen. I want to keep an actual journal — something nondescript, spiral bound, plenty of lines, on the larger side– on hand. A book into which I may pour my thoughts, quotes, newspaper and magazine clippings, and whatever else I think of.

But this…this place is special. This is where I share. It’s where I try to be an encouraging presence to those who happen to pass by.

With that said, I think I’m finished!

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