The Insignificant Dilemma

Midnight run to Safeway with Ms. Kerber, after watching the incredible Hal Jordan in Green Lantern. Once again it was brought to mind the fact that we cling desperately to the constructs of good and evil, and how everyone agrees without much thought that they do exist. Go and Google “Green Lantern’s Oath,” and you’ll know what I’m getting at. Not only are we talking about simple good and bad, but good and evil. A term people are none to fond of unless directed somewhere away from themselves.

But this isn’t what I’m trying to get at.

The story I’m trying to get at started when I stood in the checkout line in the grocery store. I love peanut butter cups. I almost left the house at 11 pm to go get some. It didn’t happen, though, because, apparently, deep down inside, I’m just to sensible. So that leaves me staring at the orange Reese’s package, deliberating while my food travels towards the cashier on the conveyor belt. I almost reach for it, tempted more than a little. Then a familiar voice tells me, “You know why that chocolate is so inexpensive. You know the real price of that attractive product.”

Reese’s is is a Hershey brand, and Hershey is one of the major cocoa manufacturing companies that has not committed to making sure it’s product is Fair Trade, which means slave-labour free.

You might think that I’m being a tad over dramatic. It’s just a candy bar. And what can I really do about it, anyway? It’s not like I can make a difference, and it’s better to be a slave harvesting cocoa than being a slave chained to a bed.

At least that’s what the Accuser wants us to think.

As I stood there, trying to decide, it took me all of five seconds to make up my mind. The moment I compromise, I realized, will be the moment the wedge will be driven between my resolve to do what I know to be right and apathy.

Battles are not always impressive, and not everyone, most of the time hardly anyone, notices. But I only need the right One to notice. Be faithful in the small things, the Holy Spirit said. Satan wants us to believe that simple, minute details like this can’t truly matter. But it is the sum of all these little moments in our lives that makes who we are as we stand before God.

You don’t believe it can make a difference? You don’t believe it will change anything? Well, that’s true, because most of the people out there feel the same way, and they’re not doing anything either. Imagine a giant chain that is linked to social justice. The activist are the ones pulling, being dragged through the mud to the dark pit at the center, trying to keep it from falling, and you’re sitting and watching, along with most everyone else, believing it doesn’t matter at all.

It is because I cannot to everything that I try with all my heart to do what I can.

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