On a lighter note

I love my job. I work at Seasons Cafe in Cannon Beach. It’s tucked away in a group of handsome little house-like shops. The food is amazing, the beach is only a block away, and it was sunny today.

And I made my own chai! My very own vanilla hazelnut chai latte:

I always grow slightly giddy every time I appraise the syrups. We have lots of them, standing is handsome rows on the counter, and I can use as much as want. I’ve been eyeing the lavender for some time. Maybe the next time I have lemonade…

I’ve made peppermint chai, and orange chai. Like Christmas in a cup.

I hate coffee. It makes my hands shake and I grow ridiculously anxious. Yet I make them. At first I was very much apprehensive. I’ve never had a cappuccino in my life, I think I’ve only finished one cup of coffee ever, and now I make them for complete strangers every day. It’s fun, now that I know what I’m doing. It’s amusing to rush around the coffee center like I know what’s going down, when, really, all I know is two shots into steamed milk = happy people.

So if you’re in town, and you’re jonesing for some caffeine, come to Seasons. I’ll be more than happy to make your fix.

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