Day 1

It’s been only 22 minutes; today has barely started.

Right now I have been possessed with a strongish desire to do something good. The day is already good because God made it, so that’s been covered, and I’m about to go curl up and read the Word, which also sounds very good indeed.

There were so many small, different moments that happened today. How do I start? I suppose for the next 30 days I will offer you my favorite:

Today I had breakfast with Sara and Cassie, and as I was driving home I realized I was much too tired to make it through church, and seeing as I was responsible for driving two people 250 miles that day, my dad told me to take a nap. I fell asleep after about half an hour, and I dreamed.

I dreamt that I was back in Seattle, and for some reason there was this conveyor belt thing winding over my head. It sucked up the strap of my purse and my whole bag just disappeared into the machinery. I was frustrated because nobody could figure out how to give it back to me, and somewhere along the way it struck me that I didn’t have Alexa and Julie with me, my two passengers. How the heck did I forget them?! I wondered, bemused. For that matter, I couldn’t even remember driving to Seattle at all, I was just there in my car, magically. And with a sinking feeling I realized I had left them behind and would have to drive all the way back just to pick them up and turn around.

So I woke up, we all got ready, and I was driving down the free way when I remembered what I had been dreaming about, and all the emotions washed over me again, like it had really happened. And I was overwhelmingly relieved that I had not forgotten them, and that they were safely in my car hurtling at 70mph Northward. Everything was okay.

And it’s funny. Dreams. I have so many things to say about them. Today I will say this: I’m just really glad I didn’t forget them. So glad. It’s bizarre feeling pleased about something not happening that did happen to you. Today I feel like I time traveled, went back and remedied my past.

It’s a weird thing to be happy about right now, but I’ll take it. Now I have to get some rest before I see a mummy, tomorrow.

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