Day 21

I just spent the day in Seattle, with one of my best friends. We rode the light rail into downtown, hit up this place:


Brass pig. Fish throwers. Street performers.


Ate at this place:


World’s best mac n cheese. And the flagship cheese they use in their sandwiches is sinfully good. Tillamook, I’m afraid my heart’s affections have been displaced. It’s Beecher’s or bust.


Hit up this place:


(Sara decided it was definitely not worth betraying your family for. And thought it was hilarious she was eating turkish delight with someone named Lucy. Perfect.


Totally stopped by to say hi to the mermaid at her very first store:


Best Hazelnut chai I’ve ever tasted. I love the hardwood floors in this place, and that they have a friendly and female employee directing waiting line traffic.


And after that we just walked around Seattle talking and this Guy…


It’s hard to stop talking about someone your in love with, so we just didn’t stop.


Sara brought me a dress for me to wear into town, and I noticed I was getting noticed by men. I’m not used to dressing up nice, but I definitely understood the look when I saw it. We laughed about it; I think I like my sweats. It felt like I had a weird, feminine superpower that I never tap into. I just want to live on some mountain. Life is simpler there.

And we rode the lightrail all the way back, drove home, and just sat on my bed and talked a bunch more about life. Shasta the kitten hopped up into my lap, and for a few moments everything was perfect. Then we got ready for dinner and went to a nice restaurant on the harbor, where we feasted on happy hour delicacies. Server was nice, food was beyond tasty, and my company choice. Right now she’s asleep in the living room, curled up on the couch by the fire.

Tomorrow we conquer the space needle while dining at Sky City restaurant. Mhmm.


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