Christian Living

Pied Piper

To follow a heart beat A murmur Of beauty To live like there is a tomorrow And a day after that Forever To cling to a hope Incandescent And fully To realize a passion That calls me back home   To discover perfection And bask in its glory Living a dream that comes not From myself […]


15 Minutes

I’ve got 15 minutes until the cupcake shop closes, and I’m kicked out. You know what I think is amazing? That we don’t matter (No, not like that. Don’t be silly. Sheesh). Our good works don’t matter. Us being perfect doesn’t matter. Us making mistakes doesn’t matter. It’s God. Our holiness and righteousness is completely and […]


It’s happened

Some of you might not understand what I’m feeling, I think. Not at all to say that I’m unique, or that I’m set apart in my experiences and perspective. No. I think I feel like I’ve joined the ranks. Sometimes when I lie in my bed, in the dark, I start to remember faces and people, […]