I list of stuff you need to know. Badly.

It’s sunny here in Cannon Beach. When Cannon Beach is sunny, it feels exactly like an untapped paradise, at times. If you’re a local, and you know the quiet spots, it’s blissful.

As I was crossing the bridge on my way home after work, I passed a group of young men, and the thing that really caught my attention about them was the scent of sunblock. Yes, that’s right. I smiled as soon as I passed them, relishing the familiar aroma, and thought to myself, I really like this summer thing. 

Things I like about the Season:

1. Ice cold Coke with a straw. Everything tastes better with a straw.

2. Music that matches the weather. Think a banjo solo from Nickel Creek, something like that.

3. Taking a book to the beach and losing track of time.

4. Rabbits. Rabbits are everywhere, and they’re cute.

5. Getting to wear my sandals and purple sneakers everywhere. 

6. A-line and Flower print skirts. Shamelessly cute.

7. Sun bleached hair. People assuming you’re a natural blonde by September.

8. Small children in sun hats with shovels.

9. Feeling sunlight kiss you, and smiling because no man can boast that, yet.

10. Late night runs.

11. Pouring dry sand from my shoes.

12. Fresh Strawberries. Fresh Basil!

13. Being happy. Sunlight does that to you. 🙂

14. Being out late at night and realizing you can smell the ocean.

15. Dollar cones. Marion-berry pie, please.

16. Going out to the movies, preferably with a good friend.

17. Weddings. Is anyone single anymore?

18. Sand art. Watching Molly draw an elephant with a giant stick.

19. Burger nights at a men’s club with good company.

20. Picking a sprig of Lavender on your way to work.

21. Sunburns. Because then you get to use your Aloe and Sunblock, and smell delicious.